Our brokers have experience and relationships with charterers and shipowners alike across all major industries including dry bulk, break bulk, heavy lift and project cargo.

Our core focus is on the
Irish Market

For both imports and exports servicing many of our clients as part of a turnkey solution.

However, with extensive knowledge of the market and shipping industry coupled with our wide range of contacts, we can find the right solution on any cargo requirement on every route.

Solutions for Complex Logistics Projects

We have experience across all major industries and cargo types including bulk, break bulk, heavy lift and project cargo.

Projects and cargo experience include:

Waste cargoes

Waste cargoes and hazardous goods from Ireland to the continent, RDF, SRF, waste tyres, asbestos, contaminated soil cargoes.

Project Cargo

Deo Volente1, 157t transformer shipped to Dublin.

Military Cargo

Photo Alteland Dublin 024 (IMOD Cargo returning from Kosovo).

Large STS and RTG cranes

Large STS and RTG Cranes from Ireland to worldwide destinations.

General Cargo

Used railway sleepers shipped from Ireland to Sweden.



Key Contact:

Eoin O'Sullivan
Chartering Director

Key Contact:

Keith Wiggins
Group Commercial Manager

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