Facilities Management

Following the establishment of a customs border between the UK and Ireland post-Brexit, DSG Facilities Management was set up to manage the areas where the checks on goods crossing from the UK into Irish ports would take place.

Our first venture in Facilities Management, the Brexit Facilities Management (BFM) project consists of the management of all border facilities in the Ports of Dublin and Rosslare on behalf of the various government state agencies.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management can be divided across 3 core services:

Stevedoring, Traffic Management and Machine hire. This is consistent with the business we have had in the group for over 100 years, and we have applied the knowledge and skills we have built up to ensure that these services are at the highest l

Cleaning, management and maintenance of the terminal buildings, yards and surrounding areas.

Our group Health and Safety team, along with BFM management and supervisors, perform comprehensive risk assessments of our working areas and continue to revise, improve and report on our progress in ensuring that the facilities we manage are as safe as they can possibly be.

Our Facilities Management department leads the on-boarding process of new employees from start to finish to ensure we can build a skilled and cohesive workforce that is consistent with our company ethos.

As is the case across the group, all new staff are trained up to the relevant level across operations and Health & Safety, irrespective of their previous experience

Our Facilities Management division aims to enable our customers to concentrate on their business, safe in the knowledge that their facility is running smoothly and staff are being managed well.

We continue to work closely with our customers to improve and alter our services in order to best suit their needs.

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