DSG features on RTÉ's series "The Liffey"

A series which looks at how the river is at the heart of the industry, having been harnessed to create electricity, to drive an economy and to provide a gateway to the world. With Doyle Shipping Group getting a special feature.

Jan 26
12 Minutes


At the start of 2022, RTÉ reached out to a member of our staff, Gary Reilly, for Doyle Shipping Group to feature in its series “The Liffey”. This serious is a portrait of the river and the people it meets on its way to the sea. The six-part documentary series captures the lives and stories of the diverse group of people who are unified by the river Liffey. As such Doyle Shipping Group in Dublin is massively reliant on the river Liffey and highly dependent on those who keep the operations flowing.

What is the series about?

In episode 2, “Industry”, released on the 29th of September 2022, RTÉ investigates the river Liffey as the heart of the industry, having harnessed to create electricity, to drive an economy and to provide a gateway to the world. Indeed, the river Liffey is one of the key economic gateways for Ireland to do global trade. Especially at Dublin Port, where the mouth of the river flows into the sea. At Doyle Shipping Group, our business is dependent on this.

The importance of the river Liffey

The Liffey, Dublin Bay and the City are an integral part of trade on the island of Ireland but also worldwide as Dublin Port at the mouth of the Liffey has served the country for many hundreds of years. Twelve hundred years ago the Vikings arrived in Dublin Bay and sailed up the river Liffey. Today the Port is a fulcrum for the economy as hundreds and thousands of containers and trailers are imported and exported through the Port every year.

Dublin Port commenced operations upriver on Sir John Rogerson’s quay and in Spencer Dock and has gradually moved outwards towards the mouth of the river. Dublin Port is where you can see the economy breathing on a daily basis and upturns and recessions can be seen well in advance of any economists’ predictions by just measuring the amount of cargo arriving at and leaving Dublin Port.

Doyle Shipping Group’s feature in RTÉ “The Liffey”

Highlighted in this episode, the river Liffey is both an employer and workplace, aswell as a machine of ever moving parts that never takes a break.  To showcase this, RTÉ reached out to us to show how our employees at Doyle Shipping Group keep operations up float.

Our crane driver, Gray Reilly, was featured carrying out daily operations loading and offloading ships using the STS Crane. Throughout the feature he gave knowledgeable points about operations within Dublin Port and gave a great picture of what it is like to operate a crane.


A big thanks to RTÉ and to Gary Reilly, for showcasing what it is like to work at Doyle Shipping Group, Dublin.