DSG Runamuck Challenge 2022

On the 5th of March 2022 DSG took part in cross country obstacle run in Co. Kildare

Jan 26
10 Minutes


On the 5Thof March 2022, DSG took part in its first ever Runamuck Challenge.

What is Runamuck

Runamuck challenge is a cross country obstacle run event in Co. Kildare. The course is carried out over mucky farm and bog land, designed to test your mental and physical strength, while also having fun. The obstacles include jumps, net crawls, slides, balance planks, ditches, streams, and a floating pontoon bridge across a lake. The run is a choice of either 5.5km or 11km, with the 5.5km offering plenty of challenge already.  

Why Runamuck

Doing the Runamuck challenge is a team building exercise. Team building exercises are way to build a team that works cohesively, where you can learn the importance of communication, planning skills, collaboration and motivating each other. At DSG we value this in our workforce and Runamuck was a fun and challenging way to build these skills, while also making new and stronger relationships with fellow colleagues.

Our Team

With everyone who decided to part take in Runamuck 2022, we had a diverse and great team from our various locations and departments. Since DSG is a big company with its many locations and departments, it can be hard to meet other colleagues from these areas. Runamuck was a great way to combat this. Together as a team we helped each other overcome obstacles and have some fun!

The Challenge

Every part of Runamuck was a test. From having to pull each other over the hay bales to balancing on planks. The teams biggest challenge was was the mucky bog. Here, many shoes were almost lost, and some members had to be physically pulled from the swapping mood. Even with all of this, it was all laughs.


Thank you to all to participated in Runamuck 2022. We hope to continue more team building exercises like this.